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Rebeccas-Lost-Journals-Volume 2: The Contract

The contract: will she or won’t she? That’s the question left to us at the end of the last installment. And by the end of this one, we get our answer…

While Rebecca debates whether she wants to go further in her relationship with her would be master. We get to see the internal struggle she has over what she wants and how she feels about wanting a relationship where she would be the submissive.  But the journey to get to Rebecca’s answer is not so easy.  Because the contract has some rules and stipulations that Rebecca isn’t sure she can handle.  So her Master decides to break her in a little.  Give Rebecca a taste of what she can expect with him.  And, oh, it is tasty!  While Rebecca and her Master are figuring each other out, we get to see glimpses of Mark and Chris.  Some strange behavior from Rebecca’s co-worker Mary.  We’re shown a side of Ricco that he seems to only have around Rebecca…

I still have not one damn solid clue as to who her Master is! Not one. I’m completely stumped. One minute I’m sure it’s Chris.  Then the next I’ve got my eye on Mark.  And, of course, there’s Ricco.  He’s the wild card since he’s the character we still know the least about.

These novellas are steamy, hot reads that will leave you wanting to know what happens to Rebecca and which man is her master. Great reads that I highly recommend. This series is outstanding. Also, make sure you read the series in order to get the most out of each read.

Rebecca’s Lost Journals are the perfect complement to the Inside Out Trilogy by Lisa Renee Jones.   I recommend these reads to anyone reading this series.


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If I Were You

I was extremely excited to receive an ARC* to read this book. I can honestly say I was not disappointed at all! Author Lisa Renee Jones has managed to create a book that is not only a well written and engaging story, but does double duty as a super-hot and sexy romance novel as well.

If I Were You has two very sexy domineering alpha males, I was drawn to both of them. One we got to know a little bit, one not so much, he is still a mystery.  Sarah is a school teacher on summer break at loose ends.  Her best friend and neighbor (Ella) has suddenly eloped asking Sarah to take care of her personal possessions.  One of the things Sara has to pack up is a storage unit that Ella won at auction.

This storage unit contains journals written by a woman named Rebecca. The entries are filled with Rebecca’s mysterious erotic love life. They are very personal and very private. Why would Rebecca just leave these lying around? Did something happen to her? As Sarah reads these journals she finds herself obsessed with finding this woman, and to give her back her things.   These are the questions that drive Sara to look for her. Following a small amount of clues that she gathers leads her to gallery where Rebecca was last known to work. What she didn’t expect was to be hired as Rebecca’s fill in after she encounters the Gallery’s manager at a function.  Sara has always dreamed of working in the Art Industry. This is perfect way to not only make her dream a reality, but to also learn more about Rebecca.

At the gallery Sarah meets Mark Compton, her sexy new boss, and Christian Merit, her favorite artist.  Mark is dominating, intimidating, curt and demanding  and has  this dangerous air about him, but oh is he alluring.   Christian is controlling, but in an extremely sexy.  He’s charming, and even though he’s a rich and famous artist, he’s very humble. He seems to be very protective of Sara when it comes to Mark. Christian certainly has a way of marking his territory when it comes to her. Christian and Sara ultimately begin a torrid sexual relationship. Their chemistry was off the charts HOT!!! from the get go.

This first story in the trilogy left you with a huge cliffhanger and multiple questions that have yet to be answered: What happened to Rebecca? Who is the mystery man mentioned in her journals? Where is Ella? (Something about her jetting off like that didn’t sit right with me). Who was the creep at the storage facility? Is Chris going to ultimately push Sara away because he isn’t relationship material? There are so many freaking unanswered questions, I can go on and on about it. To say I want the next book now is an understatement.

* My ARC came from the author for editing purposes only.  I purchased the book as soon as it was available.*

You can purchase this book here:


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Hot Vampire Seduction (Vampire Wardens 2)

Hot Vampire Seduction (Vampire Wardens 2)Hot Vampire Seduction is the second book in a hot, erotic vampire series, but stands alone as its own story. Reading out-of-order will not hurt the enjoyment of the story.

Explicit — hot! Ménage included; you have been warned.


The underground vampire population of Austin, Texas has taken to hosting orgies with human women who’ve been forced to indulge in a new aphrodisiac. The drug, Blood Red, is a mixture of a rare type of werewolf blood and that of a vampire. Blood Red creates an insatiable desire for sex in the user to the point of pain in the absence of pleasure. Sometimes that pain leads to death.

Vampire Warden, Aiden Brooks, has spent more than a hundred years enforcing the laws of his race, and life has taught him that anyone that he allows into his world ends up dead. Despite knowing this all too well, having painfully loved and lost in his past, when his search for the creator of Blood Red places coroner Kelly Riggs directly in both his path, and that of a dangerous clan of vampires, his desire for her goes well beyond offering her protection. He’s drawn to her bravery, seduced by her feisty spirit and beauty, but he is determined to resist her, fearing he will put her in harm’s way.

But Kelly is already on the radar of the enemy, and when she gets too close to the evil vampire clan’s secrets, she is given Blood Red. Now Aiden’s hunger for her might be the only thing that can keep her alive but who will save her from him?

What can I say but riveting. I read this book in 5 hours. I could NOT put it down. It is about family loyalty, love and denying that love, and deception. Have I grabbed your attention yet. Pick up this book then. I know you WILL enjoy it.

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