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For Love or Vengeance

FBI Special Agent Helene Alexander is a goddess. An actual frickin’ goddess. And her mission is clear, see that justice is served at all times or her days as a goddess are numbered.


Helene’s new FBI partner defines good-looking, but Miguel Sanchez, wants nothing to do with her ends-justify-the-means attitude. He knows through experience the type of guilt her actions can bring and Miguel wants nothing to do with Helene’s careless ways. Even if she’s so damned hot she makes him burn with the need.


When the serial killer they’re tracking strikes again, Helene and Miguel are drawn into a case that will challenge their most fundamental beliefs about justice and vengeance. But it’s the passion between them that forces a goddess to choose: eternal life with all her powers…or death—to save the man she loves.






I received an ARC Entangled Publishing for an honest review.

FBI Special Agent Helene Alexander is actually the goddess Nemesis. She is on earth with one mission – to exact justice. When Helene is reassigned to the New York field office of the FBI her reputation precedes her.  For Helene, things are black and white and serving justice is the only option.  She is seen as cold and calculating, with no hesitation to take down a perpetrator.

Miguel Sanchez, who has also been reassigned,  has had his share of struggles (ie Unresolved Guilt).  As soon as he sees Helene he is fascinated and drawn to her…but once they are partnered he convinces himself he can maintain a strictly professional relationship with her.  Miguel notice some oddities about Helene, her social skills are lacking and her drive for ‘justice’ is almost frightening. He is wary of working with Helene, especially when it starts looking like she’s more out for vengeance than justice.

They are assigned a case called “The Broadway Butcher” that has gone cold for the other investigators in the office.  A serial killer preying on actors, posing them purposefully after they’re dead, the crime scenes, the clues, the brainstorming. The suspense built as Miguel and Helene raced against time to find the killer and bring him to justice before another actor is killed, and the ending to the case was climactic.

Can these two agents accept their differences  and catch the killer before there’s another victim ? With the twists and turns and a surprise ending you’ll just have to read this story to find the answers.  Well Don Ms. Pineiro on another 5-start book.



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The Prince’s Gamble

THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE by Caridad Pineiro is an exciting romantic suspense.  A quick read full of passion and love. With a Russian Prince, the FBI, Russian mafia, money laundering, white slavery, prostitution, an Atlantic City casino, romance and love how can you go wrong. Follow, Special Agent Kathleen Martinez and Prince Alexander Ivanov on a fast paced, action packed adventure and danger.

Prince Alexander Ivanov is scrambling to save his reputation and his livelihood. One of the Russian Nights Casino’s hostesses has disappeared, and his business is suddenly under investigation by the FBI for associations with the mob and money laundering.   He is hard-working and intent on proving his innocence, and that he does not need his family’s wealth to survive.

Special Agent Kathleen Martinez is a tough as nails female set on doing her job. She has no patience with rich, entitled aristocrats, especially one like Alexander Ivanov whom she believes is involved in the vicious human trafficking ring which she’d tried-and failed-to shut down two years earlier.  With a second chance to bring him to justice, she goes undercover in the casino, but instead of facing the villain she expected, she finds herself battling a sizzling attraction to the man she is investigating.

Now, forced to work together to trace the source of the illegal activities, and find the missing hostess, the danger–and the passion between them–grows out of control, and they slowly begin to realize the biggest danger isn’t to the casino, it’s to their lives…and to their hearts.

This wonderful romantic suspense story is a quick intense story. The push-pull of personalities and their responsibilities reflect a reality that is often missing from short romantic tales.

I was amazed by Mrs. Piñeiro’s generosity and her pledge of her share of the profit from the sale of this book to the Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund

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Beneath the Secrets Pt 1

Beneath the Secrets, Part One ~ Also includes the prequel “One Dangerous Night” which supplies the back story.

Book Blurb:
Two paths collide.
Two people who will do anything, including sleeping with the enemy, to avenge or save someone they love. But what if everything isn’t as it seems and the enemy isn’t the enemy at all? Can these two broken people drawn together by their sizzling hot attraction see beyond their pain and their need for vengeance and find the trust they will need to survive a vicious drug lord’s wrath before it’s too late?

Two years after the murder of his fiancé (and fellow ATF agent), Blake Walker finds himself working for Walker Security – a family run business where his contacts, motivation and revenge take on a whole new meaning. With the Alvarez Cartel high on the list of priorities, Blake arranges a meeting with woman connected to one of Alvarez’s firms only this woman didn’t seem to fit the bill.

Tiffany Snow (an alias) walked into the bar looking for the contact that she is supposed to get a file from. Sleeping with him is not on her agenda, but her need to get the file from him is far more pressing than keeping her morals intact. But what the man in the corner doesn’t know is that she isn’t the one he wants to meet.

Something about Tiffany tugged at Blake’s heart. Beautiful beyond his imagination, the woman didn’t strike him as the type to be working for a drug lord. Something about the regret and sorrow in her eyes, made him rethink his current situation. But after a wild night of passion, Blake wakes alone, drugged and the file is missing. When Blake and a friend/fellow employee investigate further, they soon realize that Tiffany Snow does not exist and she is currently below their radar.

A week later Blake has a face to face meeting a Alvarez and becomes his head of security. Imagine his surprise/anger when he meets Alvarez’s personal assistant, Kara aka Tiffany Snow. The same woman who drugged him in Denver and stole his file. Determined to find out who she is and if she intends to let Alvarez know how easily he was duped, Blake keeps Kara close to him.

This book has steamy love scenes and a cliff hanger that will have you impatiently waiting for the next installment in February 2013.

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Hot Secrets (Tall, Dark & Deadly #1)

THE HERO: Royce Walker—the oldest Walker brother and a former FBI Negotiator. The silent type, Royce urges others to talk, having learned there are far more rewards from listening than running his mouth. When he does speak, he doesn’t hold back, his opinions made readily available. He can be abrupt and tough, overbearing even. But none of this stops women from seeing the appeal of his rock hard six-foot-three frame and long, dark hair.

Royce Walker, a former FBI Agent, who’s opened a private security firm with his brothers, has always had the hot’s for the prim, proper Assistant District Attorney, but considered her hands off because of a family connection. However, when danger threatens Lauren, he isn’t willing to stand by and watch her get hurt. Now the passion for survival is only rivaled by the passion burning between them. And that passion might just be the death of them both.
Remember the song; “Some enchanted evening, When you find your true love,
When you feel her call you, across a crowded room”. When Royce Walker and Lauren Reynolds Looked at each other from across a crowded room at her father’s birthday party you could see the sparks flying. They’ve secretly admired each other from afar.
Lauren just ended a dull relationship and her best friend is trying to talk her into getting back into the game. Royce is at the party, unbeknownst to Lauren to be her secret body-guard at her father’s request. As their love builds so does the danger Lauren is in. What will happen when Lauren finds out that Royce was hired to protector her in secret? Will Royce keep Lauren Safe? Will their Love survive? You’ll just have to read the story to find out.


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