City Girl meets Country Boy

Tired of living a life in the dismal city and always dreaming of a home with room to move, Carla agreebear wests to be a mail order bride. Diego is a country boy with a bear of a secret. After a few email they agree to marry and Carla moves west to the wide open plains. There she has all the room she’s ever dreamed of. After a steamy night in bed Carla wakes up alone. Not happy with this she tells Diego that she wants to stay in town until they know each other better. Although it hurts him to no end he agrees with Carla and they start a courtship.

Mean while Diego has problems of his own, the local wolf pack, with keeping his ranch. The wolves want him gone, and he’s not leaving, so the go after Carla, his mate. What happens when Carla has her first run in with shifter, she never knew existed? Can Diego save her in time? What will happen when she finds out he’s a grizzly bear shifter? You’ll have to read to find out.

Although I loved this story, in all honesty I can only give it the three star rating because of the editing problems through out. Wrong words or sentence structure. Whom ever proof read this did a lousy job and it takes away from the enjoyment of reading it. If not for this I would definitely give this story a 4.5 star rating.


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Filed under Alpha Male, Bears, Shape Shifter

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