Is it the end or just the beginning?


Cole Lovac is on a short leash, and he knows it. Having already messed up his first chance in Genesis Valley, his only hope is to show that he’s a worthwhile member of the Ridgebacks. That means no fighting, no distractions, and listening to his Alpha. And it definitely means don’t let a downward spiral of destruction mess up his only chance with the strong, gorgeous and slightly shy woman he’s come to care for. Cole thinks she might be his mate, but only his bear knows that for sure, and the two of them aren’t exactly on good terms.

Trestin Cooke has lived in Origin for several years now. She finds it slower, less oppressive, and a much better place to live than the big city she fled. As a waitress at a local restaurant, she’s had her fair share of dealings with the local shifters. It’s impossible to live and work there and avoid the hulking, over-sexualized brutes, much as she wishes she could. That is, until she lays eyes on the gorgeous, muscled and well-spoken bear shifter that is seated at her table one day. All she has to do, is take things at her own slow, steady pace, and life will be fine. Unfortunately for her, a even a polite, handsome and caring shifter like Cole, isn’t used to moving slow.

After what started off as an enjoyable, romantic evening with Trestin explodes spectacularly, Cole must deal with the consequences.

When Trestin finds out she’s carrying the key to Cole’s freedom, she knows she must speak up. However, facing down the merciless justice of the powerful Kedyn brothers may just require more inner strength than she has.


When an accidental meeting turns into a surprised date the same day one can only wonder what it means. When the bear shifter has issues to deal with can anything good come from his life? When his mate has issues of her own to deal with what are the odds of them getting their HEA? When things come to a head Will it be the ending (shifter term for death sentence) Or a new beginning for both of them?


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